Dolphin Obesity: A Growing Problem

Aquarium staff at Kinosaki Marine World in western Japan recently noticed that their dolphins were less acrobatic in their performances and more lethargic in general. Concerned about their health, the dolphins were weighed and found to be significantly heavier since only a few months prior. Apparently a fattier mackeral, their typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner, was to blame. Aquarists quickly started calling the dolphins “fatty” and “fatty-fat-fat” and telling them no one would love them in an effort to get them to throw-up their meals after eating them. When that failed, they tried putting them on a diet and an increased exercise regimen, which appears to be working.
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Study: Beached Dolphins Often Deaf

The study speculates that hearing impairment leaves the animals unable to use sound to find food or family, which can cause them to grow weary and wash ashore. By the time we humans find them they are often very weak or already dead